Established in 1998, the Kaser Corporation has developed and marketed innovative Internet and Mobile appliances with exceptionally high performance and unmatched consumer and commercial value. Kaser offers a complete line of products around computer storage and portable digital entertainment. Kaser products are available at major retail outlets, mail order outlets, online retailers, value-added resellers and distribution channels throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Based in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, we offer a unique approach to getting our technology into the hands of the end consumer. By guiding every aspect of the process, from concept development and design through manufacturing and marketing, we respond more quickly to new market trends and provide higher levels of customer service. This streamlined product flow through the supply chain further eliminates excessive markups inherent in any dealer network. This strategy empowers our goal of delivering an uninterrupted flow of evolutionary, technology based solutions directly marketed to our consumer base.

Company Focus

Kaser is dedicated to creating value through satisfying customer requirements, product quality and service. By focusing on customer needs and market opportunities, we deliver the maximum value to you.

Innovation is always what's on our mind. We create innovation in every aspect of the business - managing supply chain costs, logistics control, transaction models, and customer service. Our customers always receive the highest standard in service and quality while still enjoying the lowest cost. We don't lower cost by means of lower quality and service. Simplifying products makes technology more accessible to everyone. Simplifying customer service processes makes it easier for our distributors, our retailers and our end-user customers to work with Kaser.

Keeping pace with the changes in the external environment, Kaser is adept at re-aligning itself to with new market requirement. Customers can rely on our adaptability and speed without worrying about phasing out from the market.

Kaser is dedicating to growing. Kaser is able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing technology landscape by maintaining a flexible philosophy and corporate culture. This allows Kaser actively align with customer needs in a timely fashion and to foster growth of our employees.

Whatever the requirements, Kaser creates solutions that are valuable, innovative, and flexible.