Play Your Own Channel

Netcast Service


Netcast service ,a service through the existing Chromcast, Android TV & player, offers the extra service to fit various family member, office use, and others.


Target application

  • Home Entertainment
  • Hotel in-Room Entertainment
  • School Classroom/Meeting Room
  • Digital Signage for K-12 Schools
  • Commercial Digital Signage
  • Restaurants Digital Ordering
  • Public Board-casting
  • POS

Content Provider

  • Support YouTube
  • Support HTML5 contents with CSS animation
  • Support MP4 video HTTPS streaming
  • Support local storage HTML5 contents with MP4 video playback

Backend Remote Management

  • Backend login
  • Assign Web App (All platform) or Android Apps (Android device only)
  • Support NetFence Network Security Guard (Android device only)
  • Manage devices by organization/device/Web App Publish/Policy/Rules
  • Support Self-Hosting HTML5 / Mpeg4 Video contents
  • Support 3rd Party API connection

Entertainment mode

  • Entertainment mode!
  • This can be used and enjoyed by all family members.
  • From watching shows, checking news, keeping up with sports statistics, and all forms of entertainment online, PlayIt can do it all.

Backend login

Backend login lets you log online using the Kasernet website.
There is a security feature that can help you securely login and access your Kloud account.


Add playlist

  • You can easily create and edit your playlist on the Kloud.
  • This way, you can have customized playlist and can just sit back and watch your videos using PlayIt.

Building PlayIt channel

Make Your Choice by:

  • Entering your ZIP code to get most up to date weather & 5-day forecast
  • Enabling or Disabling Tabs for preferred Playlists
  • Establishing Links to Social Media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter
Netcast Service

PlayIt features

1. Streaming video playback:

  • Cloud-supported own playlist that is built for your specific needs
  • Auto update on a daily basis when new video is available
  • Supports full episode playlist
  • Resume play after pause, also remembers your last watched episode and time.

2. Kloud Camera:

  • Includes hardware camera and software kloud camera
  • Recording Video
  • Taking Picture
  • Video Chat through various instant messaging apps

3. User editable playlist:

  • categorizing each playlist for user to play in each category
  • Play All feature to play videos in correct sequence

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