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Inclusions in prosign

Inclusions in prosign

Prosign player device with client’s software that downloads schedule and playlists from the server | playlist management tools | standard one year warranty

Top features

Easy to install and manage | content delivered through internet/intranet | supports a variety of content types | central management of all the information | update/add/remove content at any time from anyplace

Flexible Digital Signs
Digital Signage Interactive Gateway
Deliver valuable information

Prosign will offer a personality to your brand. You can give a variety of information to your customers and visitors that will present the human side of your business and make it more relatable to them.

Entertain your customers and visitors

You get the liberty to screen family-friendly entertainment content on prosign in areas like the waiting room to reduce the perceived wait time so that waiting doesn’t seem to be a troublesome job to your customers and visitors. But, make sure that you are not displaying any offensive content or advertisements of competitors.

Entertain your customers and visitors

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