EDM allows IT departments to put policies in place to monitor, manage and secure the devices of end-users such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and also IoT (Internet of Things) devices. EDM keeps business devices healthy with fresh installations of devices, maintenance of existing hardware (reducing downtime), configuring, tracking, monitoring & securing devices.

EDM Support Solution
Enterprise Device Management

Desktop & Portable Device Management

Tracking, Maintaining, & Optimizing All Front-End Devices In An Enterprise.

Desktop Device Management (Anyware)

EDM manages and keeps multiple desktop devices updated, and in good working order with the following tasks-

  • Installation of hardware, software, and all peripherals.
  • Hardware maintenance & software deployment.
  • Setup of laptop and work mobile device with configuration and management of settings.
Enterprise Device Management

Interaction Kiosk (Poser)

EDM effectively secures and configures the portable devices by-

  • Enrolling more devices over the air & configuring and managing the device settings.
  • Managing applications.
  • Ensuring security protocols are followed.
  • Tracking device assets.

Device Application Management

EDM manages the full lifecycle of all the applications used in an enterprise. EDM can install any required application to the target devices, such as POS which is used in restaurants, client registration in a hotel, and displaying a record of patient status in the hospital, and more. Aspects that are looked after are-

  • The application installs, updates & deletion on devices.
  • Private applications, web applications & work applications.
  • Configuration support, application licenses & policies.

Application Management For

Purposeful Kiosks

  • Display products, catalogs, or new arrivals.
  • Attract more customers and give them control so they feel confident while buying from you.

POS Systems

  • Remotely manage the applications that are already present on the POS and the newer ones to be installed.
  • Secure data processing with cloud storage.

Wall Mount Kiosk

  • Updating inventory & price viewing.
  • Surveys and complaints.
  • Secure data processing with cloud storage.

Policy Deployment Management

EDM manages and changes the device policy through the cloud to ensure the device is always ready to use and deals with-

  • Advanced passcode restrictions, configure smart lock settings & wipe and lock work data.
  • Disabling application installs to unspecified places.
  • Blocking users from escaping locked-down devices.
  • Application verification & system and application updates.
  • External data transfer blocking & lock screens restrictions.
  • Specific permission requests & services accessibility settings.
  • Location sharing & setting preferences.
  • Restricting factory reset & remote device reboot.
EDM Support Solution