Clinic Lobby/ Waiting Area
  • Check in, fill in the status with its own USB drive
  • Check the record to see how this were improved
  • Check if any doctor comment has raised?

Health Care

Powerful Content Management:

Kaser signage is easy to manage – With one cloud your team can control hundreds of screen as easily as single screen. Upload content and manage displays of different areas from one platform.

Efficient Practice:

Patient can post daily records to keep track of personal health and share it with their doctor with the help of Kaser cloud making your practice efficient in a way that you stay connected with the patients.


  • Medicine dispatch by Poser
  • Digital signage

Establish Trust

Let patients know they’re in good hands by featuring biographies, certifications, specialties and other background information on your doctors. ) adding the doctor and patients)

Introducing each product

  • replace the wall screen to Poser and place it to the shelve for introducing each needs (EDUCATE PATIENTS)
  • Put patients’ time spent waiting in your office to good use by displaying educational photos and video, tips on staying healthy or the latest news in medicine.

In Lobby (Hotel) (Place it to the counter for check-in purpose)

Local Event Details:

Digital signage displays information the hotel guests would find useful such as the details of local events so tourists can plan their visit. Moreover, you can use Poser on hotel lobby tables that tourists can use to find nearby attractions and play music while they wait in the lobby for their rides.

Hotel elevator concierge

Hotel check out

Easy and user friendly way of check out, check-in

Infographic (Manufacturing)

  • Less workers to work and maintain your sustainability of your business
  • Moving easily and use any devices to work while working across department
  • Cope with supply chain complex procedure to maintain & manage delivery and stocks
  • Helps logistic to deliver quick and real-time essential information using any devices

Retail Business

Attract More Customers:

Digital signage has always been used to grab more attention and now with android powered signage and having Poser connected on the backend you can manage the signage with less resources.

Advertise New Arrivals:

Got a new product on the shelf? Display it on your signage and explain it’s features. Create easy to manage content with Poser and push it on the signage with one tap.

Interact With Your Customers Easily:

Put our Poser near your cash counters and among retail shelves. promote products, share new offers and get feedback from customers plus take their contact information to increase your marketing database. Influence purchase decisions by showing product features.

Multi-Store Management:

Poser/Anyware have powerful hardware that can manage all the signage and digital devices of your store from a single remote location because of cloud computing technology. Got multiple store locations? we’ve got you covered.

Easy to Navigate Store:

Direct customers to the desired product section with the help of signage. Product sections get change all the time but it’s not an issue since with Poser/Anyware it’s a matter of some small changes on the backend and you’re good to go.

Select your favorite car and easily rent it for you or for the customer.

Both customers and front desk representative can use it easily and manage the rental cars plus online renting

Educational institute

Shorter Visits Bigger Profits:

Since doctors can understand the patients prior to their visit making the checkup process smooth and efficient. Take more appointment in less time, get Kaser signage for your practice.

Watch Closely:

Keep track of your patient’s eating habits, exercise time and more with daily patient logs. Treat them using that record, better treatments & better performance with Kaser.

Education/ DMV Examination


Digital Menu Display:

Display your menu easily with android powered digital signage that’s easy to manage from one platform. Make changes in all the restaurant branches from one admin panel.

From Kitchen to Table:

Nobody likes waiting that’s why we’ve made Poser to highly automate your order needs. Putting poser devices on your restaurant tables can change the process of people coming in the restaurant and ordering the food they love. Moreover, it can easily be connected with your signage or PlayIt TV so customers can play the media they love.


Digital Property Listings In Your Office:

Nobody gets convinced by just knowing the price or location of the property. In real estate people make buying decisions after looking at the property physically but with digital listing, you can display virtual tours. List hundreds of properties using Anyware and change details anytime.

Promote Your Services:

Real estate is a big industry, some companies only offer property management, some offer sale and purchase and some provide serviced offices & corporate services. Display all your services so people know what you offer.

Display Agent Contacts:

In the real estate funnel, lead nurturing starts from an incoming email, text or call but for that your point of contact should have huge visibility. Put your agent contacts, social media outlet info., website address and specialties on digital signage so people can confidently choose their desired way of communication.

37 F3iEN

Shipping Label made from China and print in USA location to ship

Label Printer: Ship fast by printing labels in housePrinting labels directly from your business not only saves time, but also saves money. With direct input to the USPS, UPS and DHL you can ship faster!

Top Feature Label Printer: ship fast by printing labels in house

Printing labels directly from your business not only saves time, but also saves money. With direct input to the USPS, UPS and DHL you can ship faster!

E-Commerce / Retail:

  • Reduce your overall shipping costs by printing shipping labels direct from your workspace
  • Managing your retail shipping direct from your store allows you to cut out the middle man and ship to your customers faster

Warehouse / Logistics:

  • The KaserNet label printer is fast and effective, allowing you to ship products faster.
  • Connect directly with the major shipping networks across America for the best prices on shipping

Medical / Government:

  • Sending confidential government files can be sensitive. Creating your own shipping labels can ensure less people have access to documentation.
  • Medical supplies and blood work can be sent direct from lab for better efficiency.

Other Industries

  • If you have been considering streamlining your shipping process, get in touch with one of our consultants today. The team at KaserNet can show give you a free consultation about how our Label Printer can help your business.

Table kiosk

Kiosk for Library

Kiosk for Hotel

self order kiosk