How secure is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is seen to quickly become a recognized business tool. It is providing a trustworthy and cost-efficient IT solution supporting the growth and development of businesses. But these days advancements in technology and increased security threats are making everyone concerned regarding the security effectiveness of cloud computing.

For businesses that wish to consider migrating to cloud computing, it is highly critical to think about data protection. Because of a remotely hosted server’s nature, cloud computing adds a vulnerability layer to users, but they are not susceptible to attacks or security threats compared to on-site providers.

To average individuals, cloud usually refers to something porous and obscure. But in terms of business, it is a strong infrastructure providing trustworthy and productive storage of data along with protection. Most of the providers of cloud service execute normal security as well as maintenance of the cloud servers. They assure of highest data protection by making use of their experience and expert knowledge. They must do their job if they wish to stay in the business. But it is also the businesses’ responsibility to ensure that their cloud service providers are offering them the perfect security along with measures of compliance for their needs.

In the case of external internet threats, if suitable security measures to prevent and detect attacks are in order, data in the cloud is not vulnerable than any data present on other pieces of infrastructure.


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