Reporting Of KPI & Progress Tracking

The digital signage screen can be used to report key performance indices and can be  converted into a dashboard of graphs to display statistics of company’s performance, uptime Vs downtime, minute productivity, accident-free days, etc and such information can keep on updating automatically unlike static signs.

Internal Communication

In a factory, where most of the workers are not seated, communication can be a big challenge. Digital signage can facilitate internal communication between departments, units, managers, supervisors and workers on the floor. Updated information regarding work pattern, shifts/schedules, overtime and internal branding can also be easily communicated to all.

Safety Alerts & Procedures

Besides high-profit margins, the safety of the workers in a factory is a priority. For communicating warnings such as specific emergency information, location affected, current situation, and actions required to be taken, the responsive digital signage systems are the best choice.

Employee Motivation & Other Announcements

Increase in productivity also relies upon motivation. Digital signage is an effective means to display employee performance scores and employee of the week/month. Also, important announcements related to company celebrations, birthdays, work anniversaries, visitors, promotions, and awards can be easily displayed and can reach all.

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