Retail Business

Attract More Customers:
Digital signage has always been used to grab more attention and now with android powered signage and having Poser connected on the backend you can manage the signage with less resources.

Advertise New Arrivals:
Got a new product on the shelf? Display it on your signage and explain it’s features. Create easy to manage content with Poser and push it on the signage with one tap.

Interact With Your Customers Easily:
Put our Poser near your cash counters and among retail shelves. promote products, share new offers and get feedback from customers plus take their contact information to increase your marketing database. Influence purchase decisions by showing product features.

Multi-Store Management:
Poser/Anyware have powerful hardware that can manage all the signage and digital devices of your store from a single remote location because of cloud computing technology. Got multiple store locations? we’ve got you covered.

Easy to Navigate Store:
Direct customers to the desired product section with the help of signage. Product sections get change all the time but it’s not an issue since with Poser/Anyware it’s a matter of some small changes on the backend and you’re good to go.

Select your favorite car and easily rent it for you or for the customer.

  • Both customers and front desk representative can use it easily and manage the rental cars plus online renting