Netcast service, a service through the existing Chromcast, Android TV & player, offers the extra service to fit various family member, office use, and others.

The service is dedicated for Youtube channel for the moment.  Netcast allows user to build its own playlist arrangement. Picking up the existing playlist in  Youtube to form the your own channel , or gathering  your own favor live streaming channel to your own dedicated channel

Netcast is a service similar to Youtube TV , the least advertisement to prevent from the breaking time of watching the video , The on screen remote control  makes the operation much easier. The resume function allows to take a break while long time watching, it auto resumes playing when comes back even turn the device off.


Support hardware

Backend login

Backend login lets you log online using the Kasernet website.There is a security feature that can help you securely login and access your Kloud account.

Your senior : share their favor playlist

Friends around you : the community sharing your playlist

Your family : sharing the playlist to all family

Add playlist

You can easily create and edit your playlist on the Kloud.This way, you can have customized playlist and can just sit back and watch your videos using PlayIt.

Building your own channel

Make Your Choice by: Entering your ZIP code to get most up to date weather & 5-day forecast. Enabling or Disabling Tabs for preferred Playlists