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Netfence is a service can apply to PlayIt, Anyware, Poser, PC, iOS and android phone. NetFence is a smart cloud-based solution that helps preventunauthorized access to a network. It keeps a check on the incoming and outgoing traffic by complying with a set of rules for identifying and blocking threats. In simple words, NetFence is an efficient method of allowing or denying access to applications and web addresses while using Wi-Fi or cellular data.


Parental Control

NetFence is a smart cloud-based solution for parental control and internet control. the service that helps prevent unauthorized access to a network. In simple words, NetFence is an efficient method of allowing or denying access to applications and web addresses while using Wi-Fi. NetFence provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet. It Helps parents limit the access of their kids so that they can be protected from inappropriate sites and contents on the internet. A high-quality parental control service gives you power along with transparency, making it easy to set up restrictions for each user


What You Can Do to Protect Your Kids Online

The question, “how do I provide Internet safety for kids?” becomes a daunting prospect, because many parents assume parental controls require extensive technical knowledge.

But thanks to NetFence, virtually any parent can protect children from objectionable material or prevent them from inappropriate sites and contents. Parental control features allow to you control all aspects of your child’s Internet experience. This can include anything from the amount of time they are allowed to spend online, to the applications and websites they’re permitted to use. Any attempts to use blocked programs will be stopped and recorded in the program’s log for later viewing.

Product Features 

  • • Technically robust and flexible protection.
  • • Protection of applications irrespective of port.
  • • Controlling applications at the feature level.
  • • Appropriate users identification.
  • • Protect kids from the improper contents on the internet
  • • Protecting your children from objectionable material.
  • • Minimum impact on system’s performance.
  • • Tracking and analytics.
  • • Safe online URL scanning.
    • • Network usage recording per application per address.
    • • Complete log of outgoing traffic, search and filter access attempts, export PCAP files to analyze traffic
    • • Allow/block individual addresses per application
    • • New application notifications: Configure NetFence directly from the notification
    • • User defined screen – like school screen – so that parents can setup the features needed by the kids in learning and no need for unnecessary apps.

Giving your children trust and respect

Kids must have some room to learn and grow from their own choices. Oppressive content controls won’t help them accomplish that. It might even make them more rebellious.

Ultimately, parents face a war on two fronts:

  • • Limiting inappropriate Internet access.
  • • Acknowledging their child’s burgeoning independence.

To avoid a losing battle, it’s important to respect the technical aspects of online control, and the ability of kids to counteract poor security measures.

Children are born into a world of tablets and smartphones and have an inherent comfort with the Internet that is absent in many adults. This comfort, however, often leads to a blindness about potential risks.

The bottom line for parents: using online security controls must go hand-in-hand with respecting your child. Child safety online starts with adaptable, powerful parental controls, and is backed by solid virus protection software. But it works best when combined with a healthy dose of respect and freedom for their Internet-savvy children. With the right tools and the right attitude, parents can help make their kids’ online time less worrisome.

NetFence for School:

  • • Fencing the internet under school’s range keeps student from any violation, such as watching explicit content, pornography, wasting time in non productive activities.
  • • Teachers on the other hand get control of students in the class and can simply manage the student lists from a single application.
  • • Students can use their devices and keep the freedom of using full functionalities when they are outside of the school
  • • Facility of direct messaging with teacher in privacy for personal matters
  • • Parents can also receive browsing history report just to make sure their kids are not accessing any sensitive material.



1. When your computer is accessible through an internet connection or Wi-Fi network, it is vulnerable to attack. But, you can control outside access to your computer and the information on it by using NetFence.

2. It will help prevent malicious software from accessing your computer or network via the internet. Also, you configure it to block data from certain computer network addresses, applications, or ports while allowing relevant and necessary data to pass through. It will also help children to stay dedicated to essential content and do not fall victim to explicit content and also stay away from non-productive web surfing.

Steps How to Install Netfence:

  • 1. Download and Install APK file in your Mobile or exe file in you PC. Netfence Dashboard:User can allow or deny wi-fi or mobile internet access by tapping the icon on the next to an app



You can manage the app from drop down button in app

What Your Kids Need to Know About Internet Safety

  • 1. Don’t talk to strangers
  • 2. Block and report online bullies
  • 3. Some links, downloads, and websites can make computers sick
  • 4. Anything shared on the internet is shared forever


Netfense questions:

  • 1. What is Netfense main function?
  • 2. What are the features?
  • 3. Who can use it?
  • 4. Can it be modified? If yes, is there a password that parents can set so children cannot modify it?
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    (b) parents has to subscribe thru our site
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Internet Control

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