Poser Fleet management

What is Poser Terminal?

Poser is an interactive & inoforative terminal that helps street vendors make their lives easier. It allows customers to see what are selling and information about their products. With this, the customer can have better selection what products they like.

What is Poser for fleet management

  • Poser becomes the control center among driver ,center and clients .
  • Driver log recorder
  • Multi-day long haul routing ,
  • Pick up and Delivery real-time scheduling
  • Proof over delivery , digitizing document and sent vendor and center
  • Weekly planning,
  • Breadcrumps

Fleet Management

Talking to center
Communicating with customers
Shuttle Bus Driver
Checking the route
Talking to center Communicating with customers Shuttle Bus Driver Checking the route

Poser as an Interactive Terminal

Poser is interactive because it allows every user to use the device effortlessly while driving to designated routes.

Just use the Poser as if you are using a tablet or a smartphone.

Poser as an Informative Terminal

Poser is informative because it delivers information and data that helps drivers and customers know and get what they need to.

It is used to know the scheduled routes, the situation in different routes, and many more.

A More Pleasant Driving Experience

Connect your drivers to important trip and route data, Hours of Service information, and your back office to improve the driver experience.

Have the assurance that the Poser you put in place now will continue to assist your fleet as your company, industry, and technology evolves.

Target user

  • Public Transport
  • Truck
  • Mining
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Rental Leasing
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Landscaping
  • Food Deliveries
  • Pest control
  • Uber delivery

Automated Planning

Import hundreds of orders with ease and receive the most effective routes and schedules for your drivers right away. Take into account any process restrictions. Increase the amount of orders processed while lowering costs.

Order & Task

Improve for the finest routes and schedules while adhering to every order and task requirement, including priority, time slots, weekday, date range, reverse logistics orders, variable job durations, skills matching, and more.

Driver & Vehicle

Poser estimates the number of allowable working hours and the cost of a driver to help minimize overtime and save money. Vehicle specifications ensure that orders are delivered to the correct truck without being overloaded.

Live Tracking & ETA

Eliminate the shock factor from the situation. Know where your drivers are and get an estimate of when they’ll arrive at each place based on real-time data.

Realtime Order Tracking

Send consumers personalized SMS or email messages notifying them of the driver’s arrival time.

Realtime Route Modification

When a driver calls in sick, you can add last-minute orders, change the stop sequence, or completely restructure. Routes were automatically adjusted to reflect changes made by the user.

Proof of Delivery

With real-time delivery documentation, you can sit back and relax. Both owner and consumer can be at ease knowing that the service or product has arrived safely.

Workload Balancing

Responsibility can be balanced by using only the drivers that are required or by employing all of them and dispersing the workload among them. Working hours or the quantity of orders per driver can be used to balance things out.


Brief reports are generated automatically using route data. High performers can be easily identified. See where your planning strikes the mark and where you need to make changes.

API Integration

Poser makes it simple to sync your devices. End-to-end connection with your ERP, CRM, POS, FSM, or any other platform is possible thanks to a powerful, user-friendly API.


Evaluate planned and real routes, then zoom in with a breadcrumb trail to discover exactly where your drivers have gone. Determine which deviations need to be corrected.


Checking the route

Checking the route

Communicating with customers

Communicating with customers

Talking to center

Talking to center

Shuttle Bus Driver

Shuttle Bus Driver

Accessories Included and Its Uses

Printer – simply use this printer to print receipts as a proof of order, transaction, and delivery.

Scanner – scan barcode shipments to easily know the details of the packages or items.

Camera – this camera has 2 functions; one is to check whatever the driver is doing and his exact situation at a certain time and the second one is to see the road situation and record the entire driving in a day.

Scale – this scale is used to check the weight of each package for an accurate shipping or delivery fee.

Accessories Included and Its Uses

Accessories Included and Its Uses

Document scanner – it is used when the driver delivers or pick up products. This scanner is also used when the vendor need to sign documents – and after that the driver will scan it, digitized, and send it to sender.


What Poser can promise

  • Fast communication – orders are updated real time and on the go.
  • All in one – Poser will do everything for you from notifying you when there are orders received, fulfilled, and even do the reports.
  • Accuracy – routes ar planned in just a snap with all order details and specifications.
  • Flexibility – changes made at the last minute were integrated without jeopardizing current routes.
  • Seamless Growth – increased efficiency helps you to expand your firm while keeping your current employees.

Why Choose Poser?

Poser Terminal will make things easier for you and your business. With this, you can actually organize everything and know what is happening in your business real-time even when you are at home.

Poser will make sure that everything is under control and record everything from what the driver is doing to delivering the packages.