Poser for Street Vendor

What is Poser Terminal for Street Vendor?

Poser is an interactive & informative terminal that helps street vendors make their lives easier. It allows customers to see what are selling and information about their products. With this, the customer can have better selection what products they like.

Poser also helps street vendors be more productive – and that means that the vendor can focus on other things while the customer is making his/her purchase using this mini kiosk. Furthermore, Poser can help you save more on labor costs as you don’t need to hire a lot of helpers just to get the orders of your customers or even assist them when looking at your products.

Street Vendor

For Food Carts
For Street Vendors
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How Poser Terminal Helps Street Vendors

Poser helps street vendors by:

  • giving information about the products they are selling
  • telling them the price of each product
  • making purchase on their own

With Poser, you can just literally accept the payment from your customer and give their change if they have. On a side note, your customers can even get their receipts on their own.

Poser as an Interactive, Informative Terminal for Street Vendors

Poser is an interactive Terminal because aside from having a built-in speakers to get notifications, street vendors and even customers can use this as a tablet to scroll through the products and information about them.

The customers just need to touch the screen to scroll everything up and order on his own. Lastly, it is interactive because you can store all the information of each product and even include frequently asked question.

Street vendors can actually use this Terminal as a cashier to process order transaction easier and automatically calculate the product purchased.

A More Efficient Customer & Vendor Experience

Let’s admit it – traditional street selling is quite difficult and requires more effort. Plus, the usual way can be tiring too. With Poser, you don’t need to do everything from explaining each product (what, how, and where it is used) to calculating all products purchased.

It is not only helpful to street vendors, but also to customers. Poser allows customer to do the process on their own while enjoying it.

Target Users

  • Lunch cart street vendors
  • Fruits & vegetable street vendors
  • Groceries & supermarkets
  • Food cart street vendors
  • Sidewalk street vendors

Features of Poser Terminal for Street Vendors

  • Built-in speakers – for street vendors to get notified on the alerts such as new orders, deliveries, etc.
  • Touchscreen Interaction – street vendors & customers can use it the way they use smartphones for easy product browsing and processing each transaction.
  • Long-lasting battery – street selling is not a 9-5 job, so we made sure that you can use Poser all-day long.
  • 4G enable connection – connection is 10x faster than 3g so you don’t have to wait a lot longer.
  • Extra USB support – connect any device you want with this Terminal as long as it is USB type.


For Lunch Cart

It’s straightforward and quick to administer a digital offsite experience for your consumers with Poser.

Poser not only allows you to communicate and engage with clients, such as allowing them to order products or learn more about your brand, but they also give your business a more current look and feel.

They will help you as well as your customers. They can also assist your employees with their daily tasks. They may often assist consumers with questions, allowing your personnel to focus on other aspects of their jobs.

Poser will assist you in setting up and maintaining your devices, alleviating much of the pain associated with bringing these goods into your organization.

Lunch Cart
For Grocery Sales

For Grocery Sales

Kiosks are quickly gaining traction in supermarkets. Consider the options available to today’s grocery store shopper—the larger the store, the more complicated and stressful the shopping process. Customers who are short on time must figure out which aisles to shop in, what’s on sale, which coupons are valid, and what meals they may make for their dining needs.

Grocery stores are searching for ways to increase sales, save operating costs, and increase consumer loyalty in addition to making shopping more convenient. Poser kiosk is the best solution out of all the technologies now available.

Poser allows each customer to know the price and print on their own so that they don’t need to wait for staff to come at certain section and ask.

For Food Carts

Poser is not only for business in supermarkets or stores, but also for business carts along the streets. This interactive kiosk provides customers to see all the products you are selling – even when you don’t display them.

Admit it, push carts along the streets have very limited spaces – and if you have a lot of products to sell or add, our Poser interactive kiosk will help you in all aspects.

Just place it in front of your carts and ask your customers to use it to browse and check all of your products.

For Food Carts
For Street Vendors

For Street Vendors

With Poser interactive kiosk, you don’t have to take more time entertaining your customers one by one. You can actually let them use the device so that they can make an order and print their receipts – and even pay!

That being said, you can focus more on different things that will help your business improve.

Accessories Included and Its Uses

Printer – basically, this printer is used to print receipt transaction and give to every customer as a proof of order.

Scanner – scanner scans the barcode of each product and deduct automatically from the system and it is used to know which product was sold. Furthermore, scanner also used to know the price of each product if you are unsure about it.

Camera – this camera records everything that is happening in front of your stall especially when customers are busy purchasing or looking at your products. This is also used to avoid unnecessary things happened ever again.

Weighing scale – this scale is used to weigh small or large amounts of products exactly so that you can be sure of their prices.

Accessories Included and Its Uses


What Poser Can Promise to Street Vendors & Customers

Poser promises to make your selling experience more efficient, productive, and easier than the traditional selling.

Poser also promises to help you in many ways that it can for the growth of your business and reducing unnecessary costs that can be a burden to you.

Why Street Vendors Should Choose Poser Terminal?

Selling in the streets is tiring and difficult – both physical and financial matters. With Poser Terminal, you can do a lot of things while reducing the cost that you need to cover. Aside from that, you can focus more on other things that will help your business grow while Poser is doing its job to help you sell.