Automation works
transfer from Kommerce

Introduction to Automation

Automation is a service which can help you fetch the orders from different online stores and marketplace. Then sending to ERP system or Accounting software to create in Invoice. 

It generate the shipping label continuously or 
forward to other distribution center to ship the product.  

Automation also send the customer tracking number to customers and 
give you inventory update on daily basis. 

How Automation works?

First you need to buy Anyware, a dedicated hardware device, is to execute the policy transfer from Kommerce. Once you buy the Anyware. You will need to do selection in Kommerce. After selection, The policy will be set up and Anyware will excecated the policy.


Who can use Automation?

If you are Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy store Owner, and having multiple ecommerce stores then Automation is for you. Managing 30 to 100s of orders is very time consuming right? Automation can process your orders, sending to ERP system or accounting software to create invoice, generating labels, and sending tracking number to customers automatically without using Man-Power.

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