Automation service is a combination among hardware , software and cloud order processing solution designed to help e-commerce businesses manage and streamline their shipping operations as well as the offline order processing . With its advanced features and intuitive user interface, it makes it easy for online retailers to process and ship orders, no matter how big or small the business is.

How It Works

First you need to buy Anyware, a dedicated hardware device, is to execute the policy transfer from Kommerce. Once you buy the Anyware. You will need to do selection in Kommerce. After selection, The policy will be set up and Anyware will excecated the policy. Automation support for online orders is a terrific feature that makes your process simpler, more effective, and more efficient.

Bring the best automation support feature to manage your orders and fetch them digitally without asserting any more effort, making the processing of your orders smoother than you could have ever imagined.

Automation Offline/Online Support System for comprehensive Platforms:

Our automation system will employ a number of carriers, merchants, marketplaces, ERP Systems, and Inventories that have access to managing the orders. Have a look at the followings:-

  • Carriers (FedEx, Amazon FBA, & more)
  • Merchant (Shopify, Weebly, WIX, Squarespace & more)
  • Marketplace(ebay, Walmart, Etsy, & more)
  • ERP System (Oracle Netsuite, Brightpearl, Avalara & more)
  • Inventory ( SKU VAULT, GeekSeller, SureDone & more)

Myshop feature

Allow to upload the orders comes other than e-commerce, such as email, phone…etc  , or even the return merchandize to vendor . it process same as order comes  from ecommerce .

Automated Shipping Workflows

With Automation service, you can create custom shipping rules and automations to streamline your shipping process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Carrier Shipping Options

Automation service offers access to over many different shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, DHL so you can choose the best shipping options for your business.

Real-time Shipping Rates

You can access real-time shipping rates for your orders, so you always know how much it will cost to ship an order, even before you process it.

Advanced Reporting

Automation service provides you with comprehensive reporting and analytics, so you can track your shipping operations, measure your performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve your business.

Quickbook integration

The Automation service special work together with Quickbook to optimize the work flow to save the data entry and order approval , release process, help to check any abnormal order prior to releasing it.

Policy control

Administrator can  set up different policy to control the service deliver to variety stations. The policy is to select from carriers, merchants and special assignment.

Label printer integrated

Automation printer  integrated the Anyware with automation preloaded into the printer, just attach the keyboard ,mouse, monitor to have full function No PC required.


The dedicated hardware with Automation preloaded, this is to replace the  PC required, for the dedicated shipping station.

Overall, Automation service is a powerful shipping solution that offers a range of features to help you manage and streamline your order and shipping operations. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, Automation service has everything you need to take control of your shipping process and grow your business.