Routing and dispatching for a fleet is the process of optimizing routes for vehicles in a fleet and assigning vehicles to specific deliveries or pick-ups. The main goals of routing and dispatching are to reduce fuel consumption, minimize travel time, and ensure on-time delivery of goods and services.
Get the best speed for your website. Don’t lose Routing and dispatching technology can help automate this process by considering multiple factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle capacity, driver availability, delivery deadlines, and customer preferences. The technology can then generate the optimal routes for each vehicle and dispatch vehicles to specific deliveries based on these routes. service that you need.

Order & Task

Import hundreds of orders with ease and receive the most effective routes and schedules for your drivers right away. Take into account any process restrictions. Increase the amount of orders processed while lowering costs. Evaluate planned and real routes, then zoom in with a breadcrumb trail to discover exactly where your drivers have gone. Determine which deviations need to be corrected.

Route optimization

To generate the most efficient routes for each vehicle, taking into account traffic conditions, road network, and delivery deadlines.

Dynamic re-routing

To automatically re-route vehicles in real-time in response to changes in traffic conditions or other factors.

Load optimization

To ensure that vehicles are loaded optimally, taking into account weight and size restrictions, to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Dispatch management

To assign vehicles to specific deliveries and manage dispatch operations, such as order tracking, delivery updates, and driver communication.

Reporting and analytics

To generate reports and analytics on fleet performance, delivery times, and costs, to help managers make informed decisions.

Mobile device integration

To provide drivers with real-time information on deliveries, routes, and delivery instructions, using smartphones or other mobile devices.


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