Service Plans

With EMM, Gain True Mobility Benefits And Secure Your Enterprise Data With Regulated Interaction Of Mobile Devices With Enterprise Infrastructure.

Work profile Full device management Dedicated device management
Feature List $0.99 per month $1.49 per month $1.99 per month
Device setup
Download management app from Google Play
Set up a work profile with Google Cloud
Define app to be the launcher
Enter a token in the setup wizard
Push setup details via NFC bump
Full device management with Google Cloud
Device Security
Set lock screen restrictions
Set lock screen restrictions for work profiles
Configure Smart Lock settings
Wipe and lock work data
Compliance enforcement
Disable debugging
Disable app installs from locations other than Google Play
Access security logs
Block users from escaping locked down devices
App management
Managed App web console
Managed App
Silently distribute work apps
Managed configuration support
View approved apps
Managed App Store on devices
Customize managed App Store layout
Manage app licenses
Manage private apps
Publish self-hosted private apps
Device Management
Set policies for permission requests
Manage specific permission requests
Restrict work access to authorized Cloud Identity accounts
Delegate certificate management
Manage input methods for work profiles
Control accessibility services settings
Block location sharing with apps in a work profile
Block screen captures
Network usage statistics for work profiles
Network usage statistics for devices
Block users from modifying WiFi settings
Set location sharing preferences with work apps
Block users from uninstalling work apps
Disable cameras for work apps
Remotely reboot devices
Manage system network radio settings
Manage system audio settings
Manage system clock settings
Device Usability
Customize device setup UX
Add corporate branding to work profiles
Add corporate branding to devices
Set custom lock screen messages
Set help text for modifying device settings
Contact information sharing for work profiles
Data loss prevention for work profiles
Set default apps for specific activities
Manage system updates
Retrieve device MAC addresses
Lock apps to dedicated device screens