Business Service Plans

With EMM, Gain True Mobility Benefits And Secure Your Enterprise Data With Regulated Interaction Of Mobile Devices With Enterprise Infrastructure.

Device management Netfence Netcast Cloudship
o Enter a token in the setup wizard Technically robust and flexible protection. Backend remote management Carrier management
o full device mgmt with EDM • Protection of applications irrespective of port. 1. Backend login * Multi[le selection
o Organiization set up • Controlling applications at the feature level. 2. Assign Web App *shipping fare comparison
o Group under the organization set up • Appropriate users identification. 3. Manage devices by organization/device/Web App Publish/Policy/Rules *customer service engagement
o Same token applies to different devices • Protect kids from the improper contents on the internet 4. Support Self-Hosting HTML5 / Mpeg4 Video contents *return label service
Apply and enforce policies and regulations • Protecting your children from objectionable material. 5 Support 3rd Party API connection *customer account set up
Install applications and updates on all devices remotely • Minimum impact on system's performance. *better rate offer by us
Create encapsulated and encrypted work/private environments • Tracking and analytics. content management E-commerce platform support
Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows • Safe online URL scanning. 1. Support YouTube * WiX
Take remote control over devices for assistance • Network usage recording per application per address. 2. Support HTML5 contents with CSS animation *Woocommerce
Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria • Complete log of outgoing traffic, search and filter access attempts, export PCAP files to analyze traffic 3. Support MP4 video HTTPS streaming *Big woo comerce
OTA updates and firmware management • Allow/block individual addresses per application 4. Support local storage HTML5 contents with MP4 video playback *Shopify +
Analyze device, web and app usage to make fact-based decisions • New application notifications: Configure NetFence directly from the notification * More..
Create Geo-fences and device location perimeters • User defined screen – like school screen – so that parents can setup the features needed by the kids in learning and no need for unnecessary apps. Target application Merchant market place management
Lock, track and wipe lost or stolen devices 1. Home Entertainment *Bestbuy Canada
Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected devices   2. Hotel in-Room Entertainment *Amazon USA
3. School Classroom/Meeting Room * Walmart USA
4. Digital Signage for K-12 Schools * Staples
5. Commercial Digital Signage * More
6. Restaurants Digital Ordering Data Migration
7. Public Board-casting *QuickBook
8. POS * SAP
*Oracle Netsuite
* More