Built-in the anyboard to projector

device application management

Operate From PC

Web-browser Management of Devices/Content
Web-browser Management of Devices/Content
  • Complete remote management and update functionalities – Minimize onsite maintenance
  • Take control from any location
  • Minimal training needed, begin managing content within a few hours
Customization & Engineering Resources
Customization & Engineering Resources
  • Interactive capabilities; touch, kiosk, presence sensor and user-generated content
  • Software development kit (SDK) for third party developers to integrate with other applications
Universal File Format Support
Universal File Format Support
  • Support for a wide variety of media formats, HTML5 widgets, real-time video, streaming video, PowerPoint and remotely executable (.exe) files

DroidTop in Working

DroidTop in Working

Enterprise Device Management

Enterprise Device Management

General Features

A Compact Mini Desktop PC with Powerful ARM-based SoC and GPU
VGA / HDMI Display up to 2K, 32-bit Color
Ultra Low Power Consumption (less than 5W)
Fanless Design and Compact Chassis with VESA Mount Support
Rich I/O: USB 2.0 Host x 4, Client x 1, VGA / HDMI, TF Card Reader x 1, COM x 3 (optional)
Comes Standard with 802.11b/g/n WLAN, 10/100/1000GE x 1 and BLE 4.2 with Beacon Support
Supports Remote Desktop connections to MS Windows 2008, 2012 servers and Windows 7 Pro, 8.1 Pro, 10 Pro via RDP Protocol
Enterprise Device Management service control from the cloud
Rich Set of Application Software accessible from Google Play and Public Cloud, which makes Poser/Anyware suitable for use in Commercial (Digital signage, Kiosk, POS, …), Industrial, Office, Classroom, and Home environment.

DroidTop In Different Venue

Airport VIP Rooms

Airport VIP Rooms





Class Rooms

Class Rooms

Android board

DroidTop - Compact Mini Desktop PC

Choosing the main board for application listing in below to provide the Kommerce support , that offers a complete solution to users

Windows 11

Windows 11

Customized Kiosk

The corporate-owned, customized Kiosk option set is designed to cater to use cases such as navigation, digital signage, patient registration, and ticket printing. This allows managers to limit how a device is used even more to a specific location or range of uses and forbid other behavior beyond that which has already been demonstrated.

cloud support

Dedicated Mode

Kommerce OS

Device designed specifically for a specific purpose

Device designed specifically for a specific purpose

Kommerce OS Settings

Kommerce OS Settings

Kiosk - Latest & Premium Technology Product

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Why PlayTV

Make kids learning at home easy and fun
Effortless for elders to play a playlist of videos from YouTube which can be setup by their children even they are not together.
Young adults will enjoy the benefits of Android TV and Google Voice Assistant.
User-friendly and user defined home screen to fit your own needs
Password optional set up is available when switching to different users which is good for the privacy of each family member.

PlayTV Features

Streaming video playback:

Cloud-supported own playlist that is built for your specific needs

Auto update on a daily basis when new video is available

Supports full episode playlist

Resume play after pause, also remembers your last watched episode and time.
Kloud Camera:

Includes hardware camera and software kloud camera

Recording Video

Taking Picture


Chat through various instant messaging apps
User editable playlist:

categorizing each playlist for user to play in each category
Play All feature to play videos in correct sequence

Onscreen Remote Controller

Onscreen Remote Controller

Resume Feature

PlayTV offers to resume a paused video on your connected TV. If you’re watching a video on your TV and pause it then move to another app, you may start seeing a new notification. It will offer you the option to resume playback on your TV.

Why PlayTV

PlayTV For Millennium

PlayTV , the all-in-one Android TV with camera to turn your TV into a Smart auto play TV. It is a great TV for millennium. With the enclosed kloud camera, the google voice assistance is available to do the voice research based features can save your time from your busy schedule.

You can create your own playlist as per your need.

You can connect your partner or customer with a single click. An awesome feature of Kloud camera and a remote controller which allows you to record a video, take photos and do video calls.

PlayTV for Kids

NetFence will protect kids from the improper contents on the internet
Video communication with teacher/classmates for a better learning experience.

User defined screen – like school screen – so that parents can setup the features needed by the kids in learning and no need for unnecessary apps.

PlayTV for senior

Receiving the care from your kids, just let them know what is your favorite episode, movie, and let them set it up for you. No techie involved.no learning android system or PC, just turn on the TV, use on screen remote controller to select what you wish to watch.

Like as you select the channel as previous, all selection are shown in the screen. It is easy for entry usage level. The on screen 5 days temperature shows the weather condition.

2 Modes

2 Modes


The entertainment mode was made with older people’s convenience in mind. Their children can help them setup what the parents want to watch using the online Playlist Manager.

But this is not limited to older people, anyone can use this including millennials who can create and share playlist publicly with their friends.

Learning At Home (For Covid-19)

Learning At Home

Kids Learning for home

(1) Netfence to guard the proper content for kids (similar to parental control),

(2) The camera can have the video conference function

(3) User-equipped keyboard and mouse to run android office applications.. will these be good enough? besides these, the senior can enjoy the internet audio & video without any problem.

Working Mode Features


  • Can help parents limit the access of their kids so that they can be protected from inappropriate sites and contents on the internet.

Google Voice Assistant

  • Able to use both camera and app using voice command

Kloud Camera

  • Includes hardware camera and software kloud camera
  • Recording Video
  • Taking Picture
  • Video Chat


NetFence is a smart cloud-based solution for parental control and internet control. the service that helps prevent unauthorized access to a network. In simple words, NetFence is an efficient method of allowing or denying access to applications and web addresses while using Wi-Fi. NetFence provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet. It Helps parents limit the access of their kids so that they can be protected from inappropriate sites and contents on the internet. A high-quality parental control service gives you power along with transparency, making it easy to set up restrictions for each user


The entertainment mode was made with older people’s convenience in mind. Their children can help them setup what the parents want to watch using the online Playlist Manager.

But this is not limited to older people, anyone can use this including millennials who can create and share playlist publicly with their friends.

Customizing android device

Special for dedicated purpose device

Device designed specifically for a specific purpose

Customize device - Kommerce OS /setting

cloud support

Customize Devices to

  • Business /Industrial usage purpose tablet : Ubereat, Doordash tablet for restaurant
  • Interactional kiosk : store , institute kiosk
  • Cloud base desktop for office user : Citrix only , Azure only desktop
  • Kids tablet /desktop : Internet access control in cloud and app
  • Business desktop : firewall control

What is Kommerce

Kommerce operating system

The Kommerce is to manage all working device for enterprise , it protects the resources are managed properly while keeps the flexibility in variety use case and timely matter with each individual .

Flexibility by Kommerce

  • Time set by cloud for general purpose
  • User control
  • Device purpose changing

Sample (1) Citrix Only

Citrix Only

Citrix Application Delivery Management

Managing the delivery of monolithic and micro services-based applications can be challenging. CITRIX APPLICATION DELIVERY MANAGEMENT provides one click provisioning and gives you holistic visibility and operational consistency across your on-premises and cloud environments, all from a single pane of glass.

Citrix Application Delivery Management

With more organizations moving to a multicloud environment, application delivery had become more complicated. Citrix’s application delivery controller can help give you grater control and visibility over your applications, along with a management and orchestration platform to support your entire application infrastructure

Citrix Application Delivery Management

Organization need an app delivery solution that eliminates infrastructure complexity delivery a seamless user experience and provides overarching visibility, control and security. Learn what features your app delivery solution have in order the best support your hybrid cloud environment.

Sample (2) : Door dash/Ubereat

Door dash/Ubereat

Sample (3) : Kids tablet

Kids tablet

Projector - Built-In the Anyboard to Projector

Excited to play on your own channel? Bring the most cutting-edge and high-end projector, which is a device applications management, and provide all the solutions you need. Using your computer, you can control this device perfectly as a voice controller projector.

Anyboard to Projector
DroidTop - Compact Mini Desktop PC

DroidTop - Compact Mini Desktop PC

Seeking a compact mini desktop pc along with various brilliant features you can use in different venues such as Airport VIP Rooms, Hotels, Library and Class Rooms? If so, you don’t need to explore more; just have a look at the given DroidTop, which has a premium or high-quality android board with Windows 11. 

Kiosk - Dedicate Mode

The specialized Kiosk option set is intended for corporate-owned  that serves a specific use case, such as way find, digital signage, patient registering ,or ticket printing. This enables administrators to restrict further how a device is being used to a particular venue or variety uses  and prohibiting other behavior over than exhibited.

Kiosk - Dedicate Mode
PlayTV - All-In-One Android TV

PlayTV - All-In-One Android TV

Chromecast built-in TV is available to the market now. To be the first one with Android may help you grab other market.

  • Build your own community and share the playlist
  • Entertainning the youtube video with your age and language without any special difficulty
  • No ads in the video

Customizing Android devices

Looking for a Customize android device solution? Have a look at our customized android device that delivers numerous solutions, including Kommerce OS . cloud  Control, a variety of applications available, any display .

Our customized android devices are readily available for business /Industrial usage purpose tablet such as Ubereat, Doordash tablets for restaurants, Interactional kiosks such as the store, institute kiosks, cloud base desktops for office users such as Citrix only, azure only desktops, Kids tablet /desktops such as Internet access control in cloud and app, business desktop including firewall control.

cloud support