What is Automation?

Automation is a process or a feature that will assist you in retrieving your orders automatically with no stress and without putting additional staff on the job. Regardless of the platform from which you are acquiring the orders, you can automatically manage them using digital means, which also saves you time, money, and effort while giving you a more effective and efficient procedure than ever before.

Online Order Automation Support

Looking for a support system to keep managing your orders automatically? Bring our online order automatic process solution!

Whether you receive orders from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, or any other e-commerce marketing store, our automation assistance will always provide you with the ideal approach to handling these orders digitally, getting you ready to begin selling to customers swiftly and efficiently.

Obtaining multiple orders in a single day? Can’t handle your offline orders? Let us help you with our automated online ordering system!

Are you finding it difficult to handle multiple orders on the same day? When you’re not able to manage your offline orders and need to keep your customers’ orders flowing, it can be hard to keep up with every single detail. But you don’t have to worry about that—we’ve got it covered with automation and offline and online support systems.

Automation support for online orders is a terrific feature that makes your process simpler, more effective, and more efficient.

Do you use Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or another of the numerous significant e-commerce networks to operate your business? receiving several orders from these platforms? Simplify your order process by fetching your orders online with our automation feature!

Bring the best automation support feature to manage your orders and fetch them digitally without asserting any more effort, making the processing of your orders smoother than you could have ever imagined.

Automation Offline/Online Support System for comprehensive Platforms:-

Our automation system will employ a number of carriers, merchants, marketplaces, ERP Systems, and Inventories that have access to managing the orders. Have a look at the followings:-

  1. Carriers (FedEx, Amazon FBA, Stamps.com & more)
  2. Merchant (Shopify, Weebly, WIX, Squarespace & more)
  3. Marketplace(ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Alibaba.com & more)
  4. ERP System (Oracle Netsuite, Brightpearl, Avalara & more)
  5. Inventory ( SKU VAULT, GeekSeller, SureDone & more)

5 Steps to Making Your Online Order Process Easier With Our Automation Support

Enhance your ability to manage orders, import ERP, create invoices and shipping labels, as well as receive tracking number notifications. Now, you don’t need to stress anymore; just have a look at the following five steps and how they will assist you.

Order Automatic Aggregating Process or fetching orders automatically

  1. Order imports into the ERP system
  2. Invoice Generating
  3. Shipping Label Generation
  4. Tracking Number Notification

Request Automatic Aggregation Processing: Fetching orders automatically through order aggregation from several stores and marketplaces is just the beginning. Automation can automatically retrieve orders for offline processing whenever and from wherever they are placed.

Order imports into the ERP system: Whether online or offline, import the order to the ERP system to trigger invoice generation and approval.

Invoice Generating: Thanks to our automation support, it’s simple for you to create invoices.

Shipping Label Generation: Once the ERP gives the go-ahead, shipping label creation and printing are carried out automatically.

Tracking Number Notification: Clients must be notified of their tracking numbers so they can follow the shipping timeline via tracking themselves. Inventory updates are the final step that automation performs for each merchant.

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