Growing List of Digital Signage Apps for Your Visual Content

Bring your screens to life with any of our numerous apps. Our available apps allow you to quickly and easily pull useful and relevant content to your screens. Link to social media apps, weather, Google Slides, YouTube and more.


Display any website on your screens


Create Facebook wall & showcase real-time feed


Highlight your Instagram feed on any of screens


Showcase a live wall of tweets


Bring any YouTube video to your digital signs any time

Social Mix

Allows you to mix your posts from all Social media to single social wall.


Keep your customers updated with the local weather

Google Slides

Easily put Google Slides presentations on your screens.

YouTube Channel

Bring any YouTube video channel to your digital signs

YouTube Playlist

Bring any YouTube video playlist to your digital signs


News for: World, US, UK, Business, Technology, Sport

The New York Times

Display The New York Times and stay up to date

CNN News

Display CNN News. Top Stories, Breaking News, World, US, EU, Business Technologies.

CBC News

Display CBC News. Top Stories, Breaking News, World, US, Business Technologies.


Display ESPN News on your digital signs. Upto date news, stories, NFL, and more.

Guardian News

The Guardian's Business News and Top Stories from the US, EU & around the world

Wall Street Journal

Display The Wall Street Journal's Breaking and Business News from the US, EU the world.

RSS Feeds

Use RSS feeds from well known organizations like the New York Times, others or use your own RSS feed with.

MRSS Feeds

Use MRSS feeds from well known organizations like the New York Times, others or use your own MRSS feed with.

TechCrunch News

Display TechCrunch's stories for Startups, Gadgets, Fundings & Exits, GreenTech and more.

Simple Calendar

Display a simple calendar with date, time on your Digital Signs, you can add a message

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular way to communicate schedules with your team and customers

Outlook Calendar

Display your office schedule with Outlook Calendar, works with Office 365 and Outlook.

Calendar Mix

It Allows you to mix your calendars from Google, Outlook in a single calendar wall on.


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