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PlayIt Android TV Box allows your TV to play your subscription feeds from digital mediums enabling you to view your favorite videos, picture galleries, news feed, and social media content on your television. With a single click, you can switch between web based content, channels, and YouTube playlists. It comes with a Kloud camera and a remote control which allows you to record a video, take photos and do video calls. It also features interactive voice, with the microphone array in the camera controlling the box to play as you wish.

Product Features
  • Build Your Own Channel
  • Local Media Streaming
  • Kloud Camera
  • Voice Command & Control
  • Easy-to-Use Remote Controller

Connecting You to Who Matters Most

We truly love and believe in delivering the needs to our loved ones. PlayIt lets us take care of our family by sharing our content through it.

  • Helps you experience and deliver the CARE by giving you a chance to share your most loved playlists to friends and relatives while managing everything from the comforts of your home
  • Encourages tech-savvy millennial in assisting seniors and elderly with the use of digital and social media
  • Shares your favorite content and connects with the PlayIt Community
  • No time wasted in repeat selecting your favorite channels
  • Manages your playlist any time from your PC, tablet and cell phone
  • With automatic application updates

Be Connected!

Family members can use PlayIt to build watchlists from social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc and can easily be connected and watched on TV.

Why Choose PlayIt Android TV Box?

Why Choose PlayIt Android TV Box?

No monthly overpriced cable bills!

Access to tons of HD (4K)movies, videos, apps and games including social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc!

YouTube Playlists Addition and Management

Online Remote Management

Set parental control to limit what children can watch on TV

Sign in remotely onto elderly relative’s device and share playlists, and oversee everything from the solace of your own home

Connect more with family and friends through video chat and taking of photos

Voice Commands

With just simple voice commands, you can view and manage your favorite channels, YouTube videos, social media images and feeds.

Smart TV Box
Health Care

Powerful Content Management: Kaser signage is easy to manage – With one cloud your team can control hundreds of screen as easily as single screen. Upload content and manage displays of different areas from one platform.

Efficient Practice: Patient can post daily records to keep track of personal health and share it with their doctor with the help of Kaser cloud making your practice efficient in a way that you stay connected with the patients.

Infographic (Manufacturing)
  • Less workers to work and maintain your sustainability of your business
  • Moving easily and use any devices to work while working across department
  • Cope with supply chain complex procedure to maintain & manage delivery and stocks
  • Helps logistic to deliver quick and real-time essential information using any devices
Retail Business

Attract More Customers: Digital signage has always been used to grab more attention and now with android powered signage and having Poser connected on the backend you can manage the signage with less resources.

Advertise New Arrivals: Got a new product on the shelf? Display it on your signage and explain it’s features. Create easy to manage content with Poser and push it on the signage with one tap.

Interact With Your Customers Easily: Put our Poser near your cash counters and among retail shelves. promote products, share new offers and get feedback from customers plus take their contact information to increase your marketing database. Influence purchase decisions by showing product features.

Multi-Store Management: Poser/Anyware have powerful hardware that can manage all the signage and digital devices of your store from a single remote location because of cloud computing technology. Got multiple store locations? we’ve got you covered.

Easy to Navigate Store: Direct customers to the desired product section with the help of signage. Product sections get change all the time but it’s not an issue since with Poser/Anyware it’s a matter of some small changes on the backend and you’re good to go.

Application VDI / DaaS Application

Running the RDP (remote desktop protocol) in Anyware to make it the best fit as a client device in VDI/DaaS environment.

VDI : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is defined as the hosting of desktop environments on a central server. It is a form of desktop virtualization, as the specific desktop images run within virtual machines (VMs) and are delivered to end clients over a network

Target venue : Office, Business, Working /Learning from home

Advance : light client, everything in Cloud. Unique user friendly interface


Shipping Label made from China and print in USA location to ship

Label Printer: Ship fast by printing labels in housePrinting labels directly from your business not only saves time, but also saves money. With direct input to the USPS, UPS and DHL you can ship faster!

Digital Signage Player

Efficient delivery of marketing messages

  • Outside to draw them in
  • Indoor to upsell and retain
  • Limited time offers easily executed

Menus can be changed very quickly

Manage the menus remotely for multiple locations

Improved customer experience

Savings on shipping and printing expenditures

Good customer entertainment experience

Visually appealing

Clearer communication

POS devices
  • Support cloud base POS application
  • Local/Networking receipt printer support
  • Touch monitor , scanner, cash drawer ..etc support
  • 2nd display support

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