Key features

Cloud manage apps, OS settings and control of all devices
Apply and enforce policies and regulations
Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
Create encapsulated and encrypted work/private environments
Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows
Take remote control over devices for assistance
Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria
OTA updates and firmware management
Analyze device, web and app usage to make fact-based decisions
Create Geo-fences and device location perimeters
Lock, track and wipe lost or stolen devices
Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected devices

One easy-to-use platform that supports it all

EDM enables help desks, IT administrators and project leaders to centrally monitor, manage and support devices wherever they are. Reaching well beyond the local network boundaries, the cloud-based platform delivers a bird’s-eye view of an entire device fleet, enabling administrators to give the best support possible, optimize device performance and make informed decisions.

Extend your support umbrella, control capabilities and manage nomadic users’ mobile devices from wherever they are located and operating, both inside and beyond the organization’s network. Manage mission-critical and complex IT infrastructures and simplify demanding operation and maintenance work on remote and roaming computers, laptops, tablets, digital signage, rugged devices and more.

Key Modules


Software distribution & management

Policy & setting

Kiosk Mode

Supports many types of devices

Easy deployment & enrollment

Simplify administration work related to new device deployment projects and deployment of large numbers of brand new devices without user intervention.
We helps you deploy devices in batches. Execute preset device configuration and settings, automate enrollment tasks by groups and roles and have your devices ready to use from the moment they are taken out of the box. All new devices can be automatically configured the first-time they are connected to a network, according to your predefined setup plan and scheme – without user intervention.

  • Easy to use enrollment
  • QR Code enrollment
  • “Touch-less” Enrollment for supported devices
  • Factory embedding for custom/OEM devices
  • Apply policies and device configurations during support
  • Extremely friendly “Out of the box experience” OOBE
  • Apple DEP support for seamless Apple deployments
  • Google AFW support for seamless Android deployments
  • Device Support
  • Windows Active Directory Support

Software distribution & management

EDM enables the distribution and deployment of software. Installation and update are done from a central repository or from the different industry application stores, Apple or Google, using Apple EDM and Google Android AFW (Android For Work or Google EDM). Deployment can be done to single or multiple devices in a predefined schedule or on the fly.
Installation is done silently and without any user intervention. Once finished, a detailed report is generated.

  • Create a central repository and deployment on the EDM MDM server
  • Push and install apps and files silently
  • Deploy apps selectively according to predefined criteria
  • Support Apple VPP for Apple app deployment
  • Support Google AFW for Android app deployment
  • Create private app-stores with white listed apps
  • Scripts and batch for full automation
  • Create local network repositories to reduce network traffic
  • Silent removal and uninstall of apps

Anti-theft & Geo-fencing

EDM streamlines mobile device protection and content security by applying active alert methods using Geo-fence tracking and alert system that triggers a series of visible and silent measures, such as tracking the device location and locking it, sending the device location to base, wiping important content, turning voice and visual siren on, and more. EDM Mobile Device Protection Geo-fencing creates active fences – safe zone perimeters on the map. The moment protected devices cross over the ‘fence’, the track and alert mechanism is activated.

  • Triggers and alert according to predefined criteria
  • Track multiple devices by GPS, cell data or Wi-Fi
  • Save location history frequently
  • Lock the device on alert or via remote command
  • Wipe data and content on alert or via remote command (optional)
  • Protection remains following a factory reset

Policy & setting

EDM helps to make your device usage effective and tweaked to your requirements. You can define multiple operation modes, tune device settings to predefined use cases and scenarios, impose device functionality and customize the user interface. Settings and configurations can be applied to kiosk modes and as part of the profile configuration (as mandatory settings or one-time config).

  • Configure unlimited modes and operation scenarios
  • Set device usage to mission
  • Create customized desktop environments and kiosks
  • Impose security and usage policies and settings
  • Limit software installations and user-configured device settings
  • Restrict device usage through schedules or triggers
  • Restrict access to local and external storage
  • Enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other hardware elements
  • Enforce multiple profiles and inherent selected power configs

Kiosk mode

EDM  streamlines the implementation of multi app kiosk mode by switching devices to encapsulated environments with predetermined functionality and device look and feel, locking down external ports, hardware elements and applications, and preventing user interaction, except white listed applications and relevant hardware elements. You can manage multiple kiosk mode devices centrally, monitor activities, collect reports and implement policy and security measures.

  • Create encapsulated environments based on pre-configured policies
  • Lockdown information kiosks in seconds
  • Multi app kiosk mode
  • Single-app kiosk mode
  • Create customized desktop environments
  • Limit internet usage
  • Limit software installations and device settings
  • Enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other hardware elements
  • Best for information kiosks, schools, home and device lockdown for a mission
  • Brand your activity with a custom background and unique interface

Desktop Device Management (Anyware)

EDM manages and keeps multiple desktop devices updated, and in good working order with the following tasks-

  • Installation of hardware, software, and all peripherals.
  • Hardware maintenance & software deployment.
  • Setup of laptop and work mobile device with configuration and management of settings.

Interaction Kiosk (Poser)

EDM effectively secures and configures the portable devices by-

  • Enrolling more devices over the air & configuring and managing the device settings.
  • Managing applications.
  • Ensuring security protocols are followed.
  • Tracking device assets.

Device Application Management

EDM manages the full lifecycle of all the applications used in an enterprise. EDM can install any required application to the target devices, such as POS which is used in restaurants, client registration in a hotel, and displaying a record of patient status in the hospital, and more. Aspects that are looked after are-

  • The application installs, updates & deletion on devices.
  • Private applications, web applications & work applications.
  • Configuration support, application licenses & policies.

Application Management For

Purposeful Kiosks

  • Display products, catalogs, or new arrivals.
  • Attract more customers and give them control so they feel confident while buying from you.

POS Systems

  • Remotely manage the applications that are already present on the POS and the newer ones to be installed.
  • Secure data processing with cloud storage.

Wall Mount Kiosk

  • Updating inventory & price viewing.
  • Surveys and complaints.
  • Secure data processing with cloud storage.

Policy Deployment Management

EDM manages and changes the device policy through the cloud to ensure the device is always ready to use and deals with-

  • Advanced passcode restrictions, configure smart lock settings & wipe and lock work data.
  • Disabling application installs to unspecified places.
  • Blocking users from escaping locked-down devices.
  • Application verification & system and application updates.
  • External data transfer blocking & lock screens restrictions.
  • Specific permission requests & services accessibility settings.
  • Location sharing & setting preferences.
  • Restricting factory reset & remote device reboot.
EDM Support Solution