Frequently Asked Questions

PlayIt FAQ

How do I build PlayIt on my Desktop/Laptop?
  1. Go to url address then click on the blinking PlayIt Icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Playit Android TV Box

    To log in, enter your unique 6-character code found on your PlayIt TV screen and click Continue.

    Android TV Box With Camera

    Upon clicking Continue, you will get to the home page where you can manage your playlist and view the weather forecast.

    Android TV Box With Camera


How do I build and manage my Playlist?
  1. Adding YouTube Subscriptions and Self-Created Playlist

Add your YouTube subscriptions and self-created playlist to My Videos.  Any new updates and content from your subscription will automatically be updated and shown. The self-created playlist are videos you wish to look as private channels.. All live streaming, for example are the best selection to this playlist. Whatever added will show to the Watchlist.

Playit For Kids
  1. Adding Playlist from YouTube

Find and add playlists from YouTube and favorite videos to the Watchlist. Just click Add Playlist then enter the playlist name or search from a dropdown list.

Playit For Kids
  1. Sharing Playlists

SHARE ALL your playlists either publicly or to your friends.  SHARE a specific playlist either publicly or to selected friends.

2 Selection Bars:

  1. Select to play the playlist. Deselect to keep it for future play.
  2. Select to play the full video. Deselect to play only the most updated video.
play the playlist
  1. Settings
  • Enable or disable privacy settings for your profile.
  • Enable or disable auto-update for the Kloud Player App.
  • Sign in your social media details and connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts with PlayIt  which allows you to view your social media feeds on your TV.
  • Download PlayIt Quick Guide or Manuals.
  1. Joining the Community

Share your playlists and become part of the PlayIt Community by engaging and connecting with other PlayIt users. Invite and share your favorite playlists. PlayIt is committed to building, maintaining and evolving an active, engaged and caring community.

  1.  Can I use Playit to do video conference?  Absolutely! It has a high quality Communication Camera that allows you to chat with family members, friends, business partners online comfortably in your own living room.
Playit to do video conference

Kloud camera


How to unbind the 6 digit code
  1. Go to the TV box, there is a “Reset login code” .  click this .
  2. Screen will show the 4 digits  , (for example, A2XF)
  3. Go to PC . login to PlayIt.
  4. Enter the 6 digit code,
  5. Reset TV box login account
  6. Enter the 4 digit code ( A2XF , for example)
  7. Then, “ Turn off the TV box” reboot the PlayIt
  8. Then, unbind is completed
How to change the email address:
  1. Setting
  2. Account
  3. Remove account


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