Poser Exhibition

What Poser does for exhibition

  • Provisioning the product  information for visitor
  • Connecting to product specialist in office to have video discussion immediately
  • Visitor name list aggregation
  • Battery power for easy to move around
  • Fitting size easier to carry and pack
  • more accessories connecting by USB
Poser Exhibition

Product Presentation in Each Demo Booth

Product Presentation


A Better Exhibition Show Experience

With Poser, you can just plug a device to run a presentation and let each use swipe through it.

Without a hassle, you can play all the information needed in the Poser so that the viewers or visitors don’t need to ask questions and you can save more time and do other things.

Better Exhibition Show Experience

Accessories Included & Its Uses

Communication Camera – immediately communicate with home office product specialist

Barcode Scanner – scan the badge, bar code to save the data entering

Printer – print the necessary material for customer.

Doc Scanner – Scan the customer info to data base


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