How can Automation increase your order processing productivity?

What is Automation?
Automation allows businesses to modify and facilitate their manual work like fetching orders from ecommerce stores and other marketplaces, creating invoices, generating labels, sending tracking numbers to customers, and inventory update with the help of automation. Receiving more orders and managing them manually can be more time consuming and resulting in hiring additional employees and managing the long workaround.

With Automation your employees can be focused on business-critical and strategic tasks such as customer interactions, predictions, decision-making, etc. And free from the initial most time-consuming tasks with the help of Automation which is done this fastly and gives accurate work.

Unfortunately, several firms still believe in hiring additional workers to try and do work rather than adopting automation in their Business that contour and modify activities and improve client experiences.

What can Automation do?

  • Order aggregation: automobile winning from every e-commerce platform and marketplace
  • Data migration with ERP: orders can migrate to ERP /Accounting Software package to save lots of the information entry, then, produce the invoice consequently
  • Shipping label creation: mechanically generate the shipping label unceasingly. Or forward to different distribution centers to ship the merchandise
  • Customer service email: email is shipped once the label is written in conjunction with the invoice copy
  • Inventory updated: update to business personnel mechanically on a daily basis.

Benefits of using Automation:
Let’s see the main benefits your business can gain from Automation below.

  • Time efficiency and better work engagement. 
  • Automated shipping and label generated.
  • Zero error in the work.
  • Best order management system for stores
  • It Takes less space and saves money

How Automation works?
First you need to buy Anyware, a dedicated hardware device, to execute the policy transfer from Kommerce. Once you buy Anyware. You will need to do selection in Kommerce. After selection, The policy will be set up and Anyware will execute the policy.
Then, you will need to subscribe to the Automation Subscriptions and Automation is ready now to use for processing orders, creating invoices, generating labels, sending customer tracking, inventory update.

Introduction what is Anyware:

Anyware, a dedicated hardware device , is to execute the policy transferred from Kommerce. Attaching with keyboard , mouse, monitor to set itself to be a dedicated order processing workstation . Peripherals, such as printer, camera ,speaker ,microphone,…etc., can be connected to assist the convenience of using it. All data is cloud and local saved. VESA mount is available to make it compact.
Anyware business automation allows you to streamline your workflows and speed up processes at the click of a button. 
In 2020, more companies will tend to automate their business processes compared to 2018. Automation is also the priority of the eCommerce business owner.

Key points of Automation:

  1. Process more orders in less time
  2. Anyware e-commerce automation does all work accurately. 
    • Fetch the orders from different online stores & marketplace
    • Create Invoice
    • Create shipping label
    • Generate tracking number and send to customers 
    • Give you inventory update on daily basis
  3. Compared to human workers, it does these tasks in less time and accurately
  4. By inventory update you will never be out of stock.

Who need Anyware automation software?
In 2022, also after the pandemic most of the people shop, buy, sell, and take other services online. 
And one of the surveys says around 60 percent of online stores create and grow in only the last 4 years. And this process is going on. These store owners really need this type of automation order management system to work smart and take less time.
Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart store owners and having multiple stores can get this Automation to boost the efficiency of their store.

Automation also perform Shipment tasks: 
All the tasks from order placement to Shipment done by Automation. It places an order and creates an order id and sends it to customers. Then make a copy and send it to the warehouse to start the work of  packing orders. Follow up to the customer of the status of the parcel. 

Now the time to select the best way you can manually or automation!
Automation helps you to save your Important time and you can utilize this time to do other stuffs of your business to scale your Ecommerce store.

The competition in the e-commerce business is extremely high. It’s never been easier for a business owner to shop the customer on their online store. There has never been much choice for them to do so. you must get all your business processes right. That’s why Automation is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Automation helps both efficiency and productivity. It helps you fetch the orders from different online stores and marketplace. Then sending to the ERP system or Accounting software to create Invoice. 

It generates the shipping label continuously or forward to other distribution centers to ship the product. 
Automation also sends the customer tracking number to customers and gives you inventory updates on a daily basis. 
They won’t make the types of small errors that can be made by humans and get into significant problems.
When these tasks get automated, your employee can spend their valuable time on business growth. By using Automation, you can process more orders in less time.

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