Poser Point of service


Poser is committed itself to have all informative, interactive and transactive into one device. It is an enterprise Device management (EDM) cloud support to manage the applications. It having a great battery power easier to move while still working.

Uses: Poser is wide variety uses for different venues.

  • Restaurant : table ordering, service, ordering kiosk, service satisfaction survey
  • Retail : price checker, product introduction(optional with scanner ), location, service counter, way finding ..etc
  • Office/business: visitor lobby service counter, badge printing, hospital patient registration, service numbering in bank , service concierge
  • Government/school: applicant quiz desk, way finding
Create a quick-and-easy ordering
Patient/ Visitor Registering
Visitor Management System
Hotel Check in service
Airport hotels POS can benefit
Create a quick-and-easy ordering Patient/ Visitor Registering Visitor Management System 2 Hotel Check in service Airport hotels POS can benefit 4 8


Visitor Registration Kiosk

Poser Visitor Registration Kiosk provides visitors with an easy self sign-in process allowing them to get to their destination faster with less queuing and waiting. With strategically placed screens, Poser allows your visitors to sign in digitally via touch screen or keyboard and mouse. It can streamline your visitor sign-in process, give directions and notify meeting organizers of an arrival.

How Our Visitor Management System Makes Your Workplace Smarter

  • A Visitor Signs Themself In
  • Instant Employee Notifications
  • The Visitor Is Greeted
  • Preregistration and Pre-Appointment Confirmations
Visitor Management System

Dine in Service

Create a quick-and-easy ordering

The table ordering system increases the speed and efficiency of service, both of which contribute to a better customer experience. The table ordering system increases the accuracy of orders, as it eliminates server error when taking orders. Effortlessly grow your customer database and strategize new marketing techniques based on this priceless data using your table ordering system.

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks

  • Give guests the freedom to choose Guests can customize their order with available add-on’s and modifiers.
  • Guests can customize their order with available add-on’s and modifiers. Guests can opt-in to SMS text updates about their order
  • Offer contactless payment options Combined with Kasernet Poser Tap, guests can enjoy a contactless order and pay experience

Self-service on Airport for hotel and Car rental

In car rental, a self-service rental is a type of rental that offers rental experience with no direct human interaction. This means that a customer can pick-up and drop-off the rental car without visiting a physical rental desk. The possibilities for self-service rental can include self-service terminals, key-box options, online check-in, and use of a digital key. An advanced version of self-service rental is smart rental.

How Airport hotels POS can benefit:

  • Reduce guest wait time-Hotels are typically busy with guest check-ins, check-outs, and room service requests.
  • Reduce overhead as they can handle more routine tasks.
  • Contactless during COVID-19-With the current state of COVID-19.
  • Opportunity to up sell-Kiosks provide a great platform to upsell your other services.
Airport hotels POS can benefit

Hotel check-in kiosk

  • No Waiting Lines: People often have to wait in line for hours to checkin at the reception desk and check-in kiosk can speed up this process
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: More often than not, customers are likely to use a self-check-in kiosk, as they can use it at any
    convenient hour
  • Reduced Labor Costs: The second biggest advantage of installing a
    self-service kiosk in the hotel is the reduction in labor costs
  • Make hotel check-ins hassle-free and convenient! Cut down on queues at the front desk with Poser’s self-serve kiosk. Kiosks make it easy to address the needs of multiple guests at the time. It frees up staff to complete other tasks. Your guests are sure to appreciate the
    streamlined check in and out process especially if they are running late. Smart kiosks can check in guests using their names, confirmation numbers, or by scanning an ID. Not only does this provide a more convenient guest experience, but it also improves operational efficiency for your team

Hotel Check in service

Hotel Check in service
Patient/ Visitor Registering

Patient/ Visitor Registering

A feature packed visitor management solution…
Visitor Pre-Registration: Capturing 100% of visitors’ details entered so that the front of house team is already expecting them and when they arrive, and the check-in process has already begun.
Visitor Pass Printing: A visitor pass is printed after the visitor check-in with a QR code. This becomes their key to the workspace and will grant them access to specified secured areas.
Touchless Technologies: Voice activation and motion sensor technologies remove the need for contact with the screen while checking in.
Wayfinding: A map to the visitor’s meeting room along with directions is displayed on the Poser kiosk. They can also choose to have live directions sent to their mobile phone to ensure they reach their destination on time.

Product presentation in Museum

Anyboard to Projector
  • Poser’s digital signage technology allows museums to create immersive experiences that put you directly into the heart of an exhibition. It helps museums tell stories in ways that have never been possible before. It helps showcase memorable, engaging, and modern multi-touch exhibits. Through multi-touch experiences and exhibits, museums can easily entice more visitors and effectively engage and entertain them as they explore digital and interactive content.
  • It can be placed at entrances with content displays such as general museum information,greetings and messages for visitors, opening and closing hours, ticket prices, promotions of special exhibitions or artists, and the museum promotional video. It can also be placed at exhibition halls and along corridors showing museum guides and video clips of recent exhibitions or performances. Artists can also broadcast their live performances to all displays within the museum.