Netcast service, a service through the existing Chromcast, Android TV & player, offers the extra service to fit various family member, office use, and others. The service is dedicated for Youtube channel for the moment.  Netcast allows user to build its own playlist arrangement. Picking up the existing playlist in  Youtube to form the your own channel , or gathering  your own favor live streaming channel to your own dedicated channel

Netcast is a service similar to Youtube TV , the least advertisement to prevent from the breaking time of watching the video , The on screen remote control  makes the operation much easier. The resume function allows to take a break while long time watching, it auto resumes playing when comes back even turn the device off.


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Support hardware

Looking for cutting-edge technology hardware that will support Netcast and improve connections? Consider looking at the PlayIt and Google Chromecat support equipment, which offers you the suitable alternatives while obtaining the Netcast services.

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Add playlist - Select the one you love and create your own playlist!

Finding a way to create your own playlist according to your needs? Purchase PlayIT right now! On Kloud, making and editing your playlist is simple. In this manner, you can create a customized playlist and simply relax while using PlayIt to watch your videos.

Building your own channel is now so much easier with Play IT

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By using PlayIT, you can decide by entering your ZIP code to get the most recent weather updates and a 5-day prediction. Along with this, you can also access the Playlist tabs to make them enabled or disabled.

Add playlist

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