Business Service Plans

With EMM, Gain True Mobility Benefits And Secure Your Enterprise Data With Regulated Interaction Of Mobile Devices With Enterprise Infrastructure.

Mate Automation NetFence Digital signage
Hardware Poser Anyware /Poser PlayIt for kids Anyware /Poser
Feature Electronic Log Device Cloud policy Setting Parental control PlayList
Track Routing Carrier Selectin/Setting Patrol schedule setting Schedule setting
Fuel Analysis Market place setting Blacklist/white list provisioning Offline playing
Stop report Merchant setting User adding capability Split screen zone
Vehicle/Driver registration Printer selection Browsing log monitoring Online editing
Fleet Statistic shipping label forwarding Application level control Landscape/Portrait mode
Order and Task assignment ERP data migration set up Cell phone adding Auto Restart
Proff and Delivery End Device Adding End Device Adding End Device Adding
Token generation Token generation Token generation Token generation