Play it is combined a communication camera with customer oriented Kloud player in a Android TV box to allow user to watch the schedule subscription/ playlist from YouTube and other video source or doing the Skype video call. The sharing multimedia contents will allow seniors/friends received the care from you.

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PlayItPlay Your Own Channel 

Experience. Care. Embrace.




PlayIt Android TV Box allows your TV to play your subscription feeds from digital mediums enabling you to view your favorite videos, picture galleries, news feed, and social media content on your television. With a single click, you can switch between web based content, channels, and YouTube playlists. It comes with a Kloud camera and a remote control which allows you to record a video, take photos and do video calls. It also features interactive voice, with the microphone array in the camera controlling the box to play as you wish. 

Product Features 

Build Your Own Channel 

     Playback multiple YouTube Playlists, Facebook and Google+ shared photos and videos, and Twitter news feed including a 5-day weather forecast

Local Media Streaming

     Stream media from your mobile phone or PC onto your TV

Kloud Camera

     Video recording, Picture Taking, Video Chat/Conference

Voice Command & Control 

     Launch apps by voice and playback control with voice commands

Easy-to-Use Remote Controller

     Senior-friendly with its simple, large buttons and integrated mouse-function


Connecting You to Who Matters Most

We truly love and believe in delivering the needs to our loved ones. PlayIt lets us take care of our family by sharing our content through it.   

  • Helps you experience and deliver the CARE by giving you a chance to share your most loved playlists to friends and relatives while managing everything from the comforts of your home 
  • Encourages tech-savvy millennial in assisting seniors and elderly with the use of digital and social media
  • Shares your favorite content and connects with the PlayIt Community
  • No time wasted in repeat selecting your favorite channels
  • Manages your playlist any time from your PC, tablet and cell phone
  • With automatic application updates 

Be Connected!

Family members can use PlayIt to build watchlists from social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc and can easily be connected and watched on TV. 




Why Choose PlayIt Android TV Box?

No monthly overpriced cable bills!

Access to tons of HD (4K)movies, videos, apps and games including social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc!

YouTube Playlists Addition and Management

Online Remote Management

Set parental control to limit what children can watch on TV

Sign in remotely onto elderly relative’s device and share playlists, and oversee everything from the solace of your own home

Connect more with family and friends through video chat and taking of photos


Voice Commands

With just simple voice commands, you can view and manage your favorite channels, YouTube videos, social media images and feeds.   



 How do I build PlayIt on mobile Phone or tablet? 

Scan QR Code on The Screen Using Mobile Phone or Tablet to Enter Setting Page of Back-End Server on the Cloud! 

Make your choice by:

1. Entering your ZIP Code to get the most up-to-date weather and 5-day weather forecast.

2. Enabling or disabling Tabs for preferred playlists.

3. Establishing links to Social Media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter

 How do I build PlayIt on my Desktop/Laptop? 

1. Go to url address then click on the blinking PlayIt Icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. 


2. To log in, enter your unique 6-character code found on your PlayIt TV screen and click Continue. 


3. Upon clicking Continue, you will get to the home page where you can manage your playlist and view the weather forecast.

How do I build and manage my Playlist?

 1. Adding YouTube Subscriptions and Self-Created Playlist

Add your YouTube subscriptions and self-created playlist to My Videos.  Any new updates and content from your subscription will automatically be updated and shown. The self-created playlist are videos you wish to look as private channels.. All live streaming, for example are the best selection to this playlist. Whatever added will show to the Watchlist.


 2. Adding Playlist from YouTube

Find and add playlists from YouTube and favorite videos to the Watchlist. Just click Add Playlist then enter the playlist name or search from a dropdown list.  


3. Sharing Playlists

SHARE ALL your playlists either publicly or to your friends.  SHARE a specific playlist either publicly or to selected friends.

2 Selection Bars:

  1. Select to play the playlist. Deselect to keep it for future play.
  2. Select to play the full video. Deselect to play only the most updated video.


4. Settings

Enable or disable privacy settings for your profile.

Enable or disable auto-update for the Kloud Player App.

Sign in your social media details and connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts with PlayIt  which allows you to view your social media feeds on your TV.

Download PlayIt Quick Guide or Manuals.


 5. Joining the Community

Share your playlists and become part of the PlayIt Community by engaging and connecting with other PlayIt users. Invite and share your favorite playlists. PlayIt is committed to building, maintaining and evolving an active, engaged and caring community.


Can I use Playit to do video conference? 

Absolutely! It has a high quality Communication Camera that allows you to chat with family members, friends, business partners online comfortably in your own living room. 




Quick User Guide


Quick Guide


Thank you for purchasing the PlayIt; it is a versatile Smart Signage Device that allows you to easily display pictures, video shared by your family members, friends from YouTube and Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter andGoogle+. You can also use the Kloud Camera that comes with PlayIt to have video chat or conference with your associates or friends. Using PlayIt is easy, you can use a Remote Controller or Voice (under Kloud Player) to operate PlayIt and enjoy multimedia content such as video, photos, music and more.

1. Contents

Package Contents:

  • • PlayIt x 1
  • • Remote Control x 1
  • • Kloud Camera x 1
  • • Power Adapter x 1
  • • HDMI Cable x 1
  • • Quick Guide x 1

Inspect all package contents visually. If any items are missing or damaged from your package, please contact the distributor or the reseller where you purchased your device.

2. Getting Familier with PlayIt :

3. Connecting With PlayIt :

What You Need to GetPlayIt Installed and Connected:

  • • The PlayIt ,
  • • TV / LCD Monitor with HDMI interface,
  • • HDMI cable,
  • • An Internet connection:
    • • An Ethernet Hub, Switch or IP sharing device or
    • • A WIFI/WLAN Connection
  • • A segment of Cat.5 UTP cable for connecting to hub or switch (needed only when you choose wired connection)
  • • A Power Adapter.
  • • A Google Gmail account for logging into the Android system.

(Please register for a free Gmail account:, if you do not have one.)

Connecting Kloud Camera, HDMI connectors to the PlayIt

Applying Power to the PlayIt

Connect DC Jack of the power adapter into the PlayIt and plug the Adapter end into an AC power outlet.

Connecting PlayIt to your Local Area Network:

If you use Wired LAN connection:

  • • Connect one end of the Cat.5 UTP cable to your Ethernet Hub or Switch.
  • • Connect the other end of the UTP cable to the Ethernet port on the rear panel of the PlayIt.

If you use Wireless LAN connection, make sure a WiFi Access Point or an IP Sharing device with WiFi support is in place and ready for the PlayIt to get connected.

4. Getting Ready for the First Boot:

PlayIt will enter a “Setup Page” if this is the first time that PlayIt is booted up.

5. Steps on Configuring PlayIt

  • • Please refer to the User’s Guide by following all steps specified in this Guide.
  • • To personalize PlayIt with your preferences, Scan the QR Code on the PlayIt screen using a Smart Phone or just type in the URL address next to the QR Code: at the URL address entry of the Browser of your Laptop PC or Desktop PC:

6. Operations using Remote Controller:

Navigation Buttons & Functions:

Rest of Buttons & Functions:

Quick key to launch Kloud Player (the default launcher)

Buttons: Function:
Home: Quick key to launch Kloud Player (the default launcher)
Mouse/Object Mode: Toggle between Mouse Mode and Object Model
Power Button: Short press to Power On, long press to Power Off

For more details, please refer to the User’s Guide by following all steps specified in this Guide.

Cursor mode:

This mode are for navigation, select, and keyboard input :

Press the cursor mode will switch the remote to cursor mode input. This should do all you want when in the same page. The screen will indicate the remote has entered into cursor mode and cursor will come out from the screen. You are recommended to stay in this mode unless the page scrolling up and down.

Remote mode:

This mode is only for scrolling up and down and selection. Just press the cursor mode will switch back to remote mode.

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