How to organize templates and share across teams

When there is a large number of templates and a complex structure of teams/departments, how to manage templates and share it with others could be difficult. For example, there are hundreds of templates of different themes, some should only be available to team A and some should be available to other teams. How that should be managed with Prosign?

The recommended approach is to leverage the folder structure and folder permissions to organize the templates and manage the authorization.

In general, it is mainly 3 parts.

  • Setup the proper folder/sub-folder structure to organize the templates, so it is easier to navigate.
  • Configure the permissions on the folder to have it assigned to the right teams. Since template cannot be modified, the folder should be setup with “View” permission only.
  • When others use the template, they will not have permission to save and change the template, instead they will have to “save as” at another location where they have permission.

Here is an example. The “QR_Code_Template” is under TemplateFolder / TemplateSubFolder. To make it only viewable but not modifiable by others, you will need set the folder permission to view only.  In this case, the folder is available to Team1. So users from Team1 can open and use the template, but they cannot modify the template, and have to save it to another location where they have permission.

Determine who should have permission can be managed through the folder permission setting. Since this is used as templates, the permission should be view only to others.

The template will be available to users from Team1.

The users will be able to open the template and make changes, however when they try to save it, it will be declined because of permission. Users have to use click “Save As” to save it to a location they have permission.

Users can save it to a location they have edit permission by choosing a folder and clicking the “Save As” button.

That’s all!

This is how you can leverage the folder structures and permissions to manage the templates and share across teams.